Establishment of New Campus:

The Government of Karnataka has alloted about 27 acres of land and sanctioned Rs 60 Crores towards the development of a new campus for HEA with global standards. An additional sum of Rs 30 Crores is sanctioned for the requisite infrastructure. The Karnataka Housing Board has been entrusted the responsibility to develop the campus. The new campus will consist of a grand main building that will have several sized class-rooms, offices, administration, library and laboratories. The other buildings include a Transit Home for participants, Guest-House, Director’s Residence, staff quarters, etc. The campus is designed to have optical functionality and extensive greenery and water-bodies, with modern methods of energy and water conservation and waste-disposal.  The campus will also have gymnasium, sports and music facilities for use of participants. A green belt with suitable large trees to provide the green cover and improve the aesthetics is also envisaged.

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