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          The Academy also provides the needed training to Principals and Coordinators of the IQAC, CSR, with respect to quality improvement strategies, preparation of Self Study Reports (SSR) and other issues related to Assessment and Accreditation of institutions by the NAAC. The HEA is currently addressing the Government 1st Grade Degree Colleges, Engineering, and Polytechnic colleges.           

          The Government of Karnataka has set up the Higher Education Academy at Dharwad to enhance the quality of higher education in the state. The primary aim of the Academy is to promote global standards in higher education for national development in the light of Indian wisdom, culture and ethos and empower faculty and produce academic leaders through continuing and cumulative education and state of the art training.

          In addition to this the Academy also strives to promote research, innovative practices and social responsibility in higher education institutions in the State of Karnataka. The Academy also intends to conduct workshops on ICT based teaching and learning, digitization of Library, e-Governance, preparing Research Project Proposals for submission to R&D agencies, student mentoring, class room management and so on. It also proposes to work in partnership with institutions to resolve strategic challenges such as administration, retention, assessment, employability and to support 'workforce development’.The Academy wishes to influence all aspects of higher education in our state such as teacher accreditation, curriculum and evaluation processes, by conducting extensive education technology research. It also proposes to set up an international quality teaching resource repository and library to support and aid teachers.

History of HEA


Prof. S. K. Saidapur

(Former Director, Karnatak State Higher education Academy Dharwad, KSHEAD)

(Former Vice Chancellor, Karnatak University, Dharwad)

Prof. Srinivas K. Saidapur b.1947 - Ph. D. 1974; Lecturer -1976; Reader - 1982; Professor – 1988 - 2007.  Vice Chancellor – October 25, 2006 - October 2010; Entire service at Karnatak University, Dharwad.  INSA Senior Scientist (2011- 13); Vice President, Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi (2012-14); Served as Chairman, One Man Committee, for monitoring Admissions & Fee in private professional colleges, Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Karnataka (August 2013 - May 2015)

Founder Director, Higher Education Academy, Dharwad (Government of Karnataka) since June 11, 2015-17. Provided ‘Administrative’ training to over 300 Principals of Govt. 1st  Grade Degree Colleges, Engineering & Polytechnic Colleges.

Served on several high power committees at the State and National levels (ex: Karnataka Knowledge Commission, Project Advisory Committees of CSIR, DST & UGC; search committees for selection of Vice Chancellors; Chairman, Committee for Preparing proposal for Establishment of State / Central varsities on a JNU model in the District of Karwar (NK) and, Appeals Committee of NAAC.

Carried out post doctoral research at University of Kansas Medical Center, USA (1976-79), Visiting scientist in Germany (University of Mainz, University of Bochum, and University of Wurzburg between 1988-95) and, Okazaki Japan (1999).

Published over 150 papers, 12 reviews and guided 15 doctoral students. & Edited 2 books: Reproductive Cycles of Indian Vertebrates, Allied Publishers, New Delhi 1989; Frontier Lectures in Biology by INSA Fellows 2015.


  • Recipient of  Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize – 1991(Given by Prime Minister of India - carries citation, a plaque and a cash award of Rs 50,000)
  • Karnatak University Cash Prize of Rs 10,000/- for significant contribution to biological sciences – 1991
  • Prof. MRN Prasad Memorial Lecture Award of INSA – 2007 (carries a citation and cash award of Rs 10,000)
  • Prof. Har Swarup Memorial Lecture Award of INSA– 2011 (carries a citation and cash award of Rs 25,000)
  • Sir M. Vishvesaraya Senior Scientist Award for the year 2012 of Govt. of Karnataka in recognition of Lifetime contributions for the development of Science & Technology. This carried a citation and cash award of Rs 1 Lakh.

Prestigious Recognitions:

  • Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences (F. A. Sc.) – 1993
  • Fellow of Indian National Science Academy (FNA) – 1994
  • Fellow of Third World Academy of Sciences (FTWAS) Italy – 2009
  • Fellow of National Academy of Sciences of India (FNA. Sc.) – 2010
  • Diamond Jubilee Professor (for Life), Karnatak University (2011)

Visits Abroad:

Carried out post doctoral research at University of Kansas Medical Center (Population Council Fellow, Biomedical Division, New York), USA (1976-79);  Visiting scientist (Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow) in Germany (University of Mainz, University of Bochum, and University of Wurzburg between 1988-95) and, Okazaki Japan (National Institute for Basic Biology, 1999): Visited, France, Switzerland, UK, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Nepal and , Oman (Muscat) on academic assignments.

As Vice Chancellor at Karnatak University brought out many reforms like: Decentralization of Powers, User friendly rules for operating Research Projects, creation of Corpus funds to the tune of Rs 4 Crores and creating a Center for Vivekananda Studies among several other things.

Articles on Higher Education:

  1. Making the Accreditation Process User Friendly:  Random thoughts from experience. NAAC News (Guest Column): July 2011.
  2. XII Five Year Plan: Setting Priorities for Resurrection of Higher Education.  University News, July 25, 2011.
  3. Need for Dynamic Universities. Deccan Herald. March 24, 2011.
  4. Rejuvenating State Universities. Deccan Herald April 24, 2011.
  5. The State Universities: Problems and Perspectives. University News Vol. 51, No. 17, 2013; pp 114-119.
  6. Applying Education Reforms in True Spirit. Deccan Herald.  August 28, 12014.

[Article is on RUSA scheme of MHRD]

  1. Study material entitled “Perspectives in Collegiate Education” by S. K. Saidapur (Chief Editor), A. B. Shanbhag and Farzana M. Pathan published by Higher Education Academy, Dharwad, 2017.

Director & Deans

Director, Deans and Supporting Staff:

Director:  Prof. S. K. Saidapur, former Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University and a Diamond Jubilee Professor (for Life), with distinguished career was appointed as the Director of the Academy. He is the recipient of  several prestigious oversees fellowships like the Population Council, Rockefeller Foundation, and Ford Foundation, USA, Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, Germany for postdoctoral research. He was invited as the Visiting Scientist by the Japanese Ministry of Science & Technology, Japan. He is recipient of the highly coveted Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize (1991) given by the then Prime Minister of India. He is a recipient of Sir M. Vishvesaraya Senior Scientist Award (2010) in recognition of his lifetime contributions for the development of Science & Technology (Govt. of Karnataka).Prof. Saidapur is known for transparent administration, governance and bringing in many reforms in academic, administrative and finance matters such as ‘Delegation of Powers’, ‘User Friendly Guidelines for use of R & D funds’, creation of Corpus funds, establishing a Vivekananda Study Center and so on.He is elected Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Fellow of Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Sciences of India, Allahabad and, Third World Academy of Sciences, Italy. Prof. S. K. Saidapur assumed the office of the Higher Education Academy as its founder Director on June 11, 2015.

Deans:  Six positions of Deans are sanctioned to the Academy. Since the qualifications, eligibility and mode of appointment are yet to be finalized, the Director was permitted to appoint 03 deans on consolidated salary and utilize the services of experienced and highly qualified superannuated persons. Accordingly, the Director could appoint 3 deans of different backgrounds (administration, social sciences and science streams). The Department of Collegiate Education, Bangalore also deputed two teachers as the deans. Some details about each dean are given below:

Shri V. Machakanur(KAS)

Shri Venkatesh Machakanur is a retired super time scale officer. He has put in 36 years of service in GOK before his retirement in 2012. Among the many positions held, he served as the Commissioner, Department of Public Instruction, Dharwad where he established the ‘State Institute for School Leadership and Educational Planning (SISLEP)’.  He is a creative writer in Kannada, and has authored 10 books.  Two of these bagged Sahitya Academy and State level awards. His books are prescribed as texts for degree classes. He has been working with the Academy since November 2015 as Dean (Administration).

Prof. S. S. Patagundi

Prof. S. S. Patagundi a political scientist has over 34 years of experience in teaching, research and administration. He served as Chairman of the Department, Dean, faculty of social sciences, Director, IQAC at Karnatak University, and as Registrar of Rani Channamma University, Belagavi. He has written 5 books and 37 papers. He is co-ordinating the academic and training programs since the time of his joining the Academy in November 2015.

Prof. A. B. Shanbhag

Prof. A. B. Shanbhag a zoologist has over 30 years of experience in teaching and research at the University of Goa. He also served on several statutory and quasi statutory bodies like the Court; Grievance redressal Committee, Standing Committee for drafting and Vetting of Statutes and Ordinances, Co-ordinator of Career Guidance Cell, Distance Education Cell, University’s First Appellate Authority under RTI and Registrar for brief tenure of Goa University. His services were also utilized by the Govt of Goa as Member of Task Force on Carambolim Lake Development and also the State Wildlife Advisory Board. He joined the HEA in March 2016.

Dr. H. B. Neelgund

Dr. H.B. Neelgund in charge Principal, Kittel Arts College, Dharwad joined the Academy on deputation in February 2016. He has written 9 books and published 19 articles in reputed Journals. His focus is on spirituality and spiritual leaders of India. His contribution to Rural Development, Panchayat System, Rain Harvesting, Pure Drinking Water programmes is appreciated by the Govt. of Karnataka. His contribution to creating ponds in Morab village with the help of Gram Panchayat is a model to Karnataka State. On this basis many ponds are created in Dharwad District. He is interested in transforming villagers’ mindset to promote their well being, self sufficiency, self employment and simple living on the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi.

Dr. Chandrakant Devappa

Dr. Chandrakant Devappa has authored 7 books and 20 research papers. He guides students of both Gulbarga and Rani Channamma Universities.  He has served as Register, Special Officer at RCU, Belagavi, as Associate Professor and also as Principal of Government degree Colleges. He has undergone training programs on academics and administration. He joined the Academy on deputation from the Department of Collegiate Education GOK in February 2016.

Finance Officer

Shri S. S. Moolge a superannuated, former Joint Controller (RTD) is from the State Accounts Department (Government of Karnataka) with rich experience in finance management, procurement procedures, maintenance of accounts, and audit related issues. On request he joined the HEA in August, 2015to help in placing the finance section on a firm footing.

Ms. Farzana Pathan

Ms. Farzana Pathan, MBA, besides her Masters training in Business Administration has research experience to her credit in the form of over seven research papers published in reputed journals. She has reasonably long experience of one and half decades of teaching experience in the management colleges. She also has the administrative experience as Academic Coordinator in KLE’s college of Business Administration, so also as HR manager in corporates. She has contributed extensively in conducting Faculty Development Programmes in various Faculties and In-service Training for the Employees of ‘Employees State Insurance Corporation’.

Shri V. V. Ghorpade

Sri V. V. Ghorpade is from the Collegiate Education Dept. (Govt. of Karnataka) superannuated as Principal and Additional Director. He retired in 2016 with rich experience as Principal of First Grade College, Joint Director and Additional Director. He is a trained TQM facilitator in the Dept. of Collegiate Education and he is working as Co-ordinator (Induction Training) in the HEA since September 2016.

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